Monday, 22 December 2014


In the place of worship, the only thing that matters is to whom my focus is on, and that of course is GOD, not my voice, not my musicians, not my backup singers.
After the worship, I can address what ever I thought went wrong with the musicians and singers but I can never be able to explain to GOD ALMIGHTY why I didn't worship him the way I should and expect Him to say to me 'I understand'. A perfect worshiper is one who forgets all-else at that time to only-truly-really-fully-surely keep his/her eyes focused on the one being worshiped, letting nothing and no one distract him. Having a good team to work with during worship is just an addition, not the core of worship.

 Saying that without music instruments and backup singers you won't be able to worship God well will be saying that our father's and mothers and patriarchs of faith didn't worship God too because in their day, what we have now they never had but they worshiped God all the same and I even dare to say that they were more focused on God than we are in our day.

 To draw the curtain on this, WORSHIP IS WORTHSHIP TO KINGSHIP and IT DESERVES TOTAL FOCUS ON THE KING OF KINGS, not anything less than this.

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