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Our calling as worship leaders plays an important role in directing the church in worshiping God in spirit and in truth. Our goal is to prepare the hearts of the people to be receptive of the word of God. Let me share to you some guidelines to efficiently lead the people before and during the worship celebration.

Prepare yourself.
This is done through prayer and devotion. Standing before a holy God should not be taken for granted. When Isaiah saw the Lord in Isaiah 6:1-8, he was overwhelmed with fear because he knew he would die but he was cleansed and he was allowed to stand before the Lord. In the Old Testament, the only person who can enter the presence of God is someone who has clean hands and a pure heart, someone who doesn't worship other gods and swear falsely. In other words, only a righteous person can see God. Although we are considered righteous now because of the Lord Jesus, the God that Isaiah saw before is the same awesome God that we are worshiping today and we are to stand before Him with fear and reverence.
E'Davids and K'ore
Prepare the songs and the team.
A good line up led by the Spirit will definitely make positive results in the lives of the people. In your personal time with the Lord, inquire of the Lord on what songs to sing and practice, practice, practice. Do not settle with just plain practice and let the team go home. Remember that even professionals rehearse. We must strive for excellence because we are worshiping an excellent God.

Make a sign language.
Exercise this during rehearsals so that the team will be familiarized which sign is for the verse, chorus, or bridge. Make it clear and discreet so that it won't distract the congregation during the worship celebration. It will also give your team confidence with each transition of songs.

Do what you sing.
If the song includes kneeling or shouting, take the first step to do it setting an example to the congregation. If we are not doing what we are singing, we are no different from an immovable toy with a built-in sound system. In addition, if the song is intended for dancing, make sure not to wear clothes that reveal some skin because it directs the attention towards us instead of God and may create lustful thoughts to the congregation. Do not forget to include your team on this practice because we are not called just to stand in the platform to sing or play the instruments but to lead the people into true worship.

Lastly, be sensitive to the Holy Spirit.
We must not forget that we are only instruments for God to connect with His people and should not be the center of attraction. It is the Lord that makes every gathering special. Without the presence of God, any gathering will only be a meeting. That's why every worship leader must be keen in listening to what the Holy Spirit is saying. For there are times that He wants just silence, no singing or playing of the instruments so He can speak to His people. There are other times that He would want you to cite a verse in the Scripture to lift somebody from the crowd. And this can only happen id worship leaders are sensitive to the voice of God. And again, we can be familiarized with His voice through our personal time with the Lord.

NOTE: Please note that these tips are not just for Sunday services alone but every time you have the opportunity and privilege to lead God's people in worship.

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