Saturday, 11 May 2013

Heart To Heart With PapaDee

HEART2HEART is a discussion forum where emotional laden issues that troubles the heart are sincerely and openly is also a meeting point for all who desire to know more about relationships.
This is another opportunity to share with us what impact the meetings have had in your lives...
We shall also be responding to the relationship issues and questions that single and married people have stored in their hearts engaging the combination of covenant and common sense. If there's one place you really have to be tomorrow, it surely has to be "HEART2HEART with PapaDee
Two become One' A new series starts tomorrow @ H2H MAY Edition...How do we explain this mystery of 2 becoming 1? Come and find out why most relationship does not make it past the first year. The 'EGO FACTOR’ how do we recognize it n deal with it? Don't miss it tomorrow-12th of May, 2013, by 4 pm @ Digits Place, 5th avenue, F close, House 6, festac town, Lagos. Come with someone special.
HEART2HEART: since 1999.

1 comment:

  1. It was such an awesome time today....cant wait for the June edition....if uve been missing H2h...Ure REALLY out for season 2....Thanks Edavids for this...Bless u


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